58mm VIVITAR Series 1 58mm Close-up Macro Filter Set +1+2+4+10 58 Kit VIV-CL-58

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4 Filter Set



4 CLOSE - UP Filters & Case For Glass Filters

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+ 1

+ 2

+ 4



Close-ups offer a world of new creativity


Camera fitted with normal lenses do not permit us to move closer than a certain minimum distance from the object being photographed.

The Close-Up Lens, which is simply mounted in front of our normal taking lens, permits the taking of close-ups and also makes possible the photography of details which would be quite impossible without using the  Close-Up Lens.

 Normal View


A +1 close-up lens will allow you to focus your lens somewhat closer than it already does.


A +2 close-up lens will allow you to focus closer than the +1.


A +4 lens will allow you to focus even closer than a +2.


A +10 lens will allow you to focus even closer than a +4.


These lenses can be used individually or in any combination to achieve ultra-close focus. achieved maximum magnification with these attachments. Please also note that +1+2+4 Lenses are stackable.

"A +1 combined with a +2 will equal a +3, while a +2 combined with a +4 will equal a +6"


Use these lenses to capture images of small objects like coins and stamps. Think of the images you can get from about 2" away.

Double Threaded Filter

 so you can use additional filter like polarizer, fluorescent attach to the UV filter.



  • High Quality

  • Coated Filter

  • High-index / low-dispersion optical glass

  • Fully multi-coated

  • Anti-reflection coating

  • High speed auto-focus / Infrared compatible


  • 58mm + 1 Close Up Lens

  • 58mm + 2 Close Up Lens

  • 58mm + 4 Close Up Lens

  • 58mm + 10 Close Up Lens

  • Handy Travel Case For 4 glass Filters

* * Travel Case Included * *

1 Year Warranty