BlackRapid Wander Bundle: Smartphone Safety Tether System 275005

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Wander Bundle

Mobile Phone

Wrist Strap and

Carrying Kit

Expand your smartphone carrying options with the Wander Bundle Mobile Phone Wrist Strap and Carrying Kit from BlackRapid. This kit comes with a nylon tether and 10mm cam lock and hook for wrist strap carrying, and a TetheR-Clip carabiner for clipping your phone to a belt, strap, or other object. Both carrying methods rely on the included TPU coated nylon tether tab that attaches to the back of your phone with the supplied 3M double-sided tape.

Materials Nylon, aluminum POM, TPU, and 3M tape
Carrying / Transport Options Wrist strap
Carabiner clip to belt, strap, or other object