Cokin Filter Holder XL, X-PRO Series BX100A

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X-Pro Series

Filter Holder

The Cokin X-Pro Series Filter Holder is designed to accommodate multiple Cokin X-Pro Series Filters in order to help create the shot you envision. It can hold up to two rectangular filters, or one rectangular filter and one round filter such as a rotating circular polarizer, for the Cokin X-Pro Series Filter Holders.

Rectangular Cokin X-Pro Series Filters are 130mm-wide and 3mm-thick. A Cokin X-Pro Series Filter Holder Adapter Ring can be used to connect this filter holder to the front of a lens.

Material Plastic
Compatibility Adapter Ring: Cokin X-Pro Series Filter Holder Adapter Rings
Filters: Accepts up to two rectangular filters (130mm-wide, 3mm-thick) or up to one rectangular (130mm-wide, 3mm-thick) and one round filter made for a Cokin X-Pro Series Filter Holder
Rotating Yes, 360°