COKIN P458 P Series Lens Adapter Ring P458 58mm

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High Quality

Fits Directly on any Lens with a 58mm Filter Mounting

Made By

Made in FRANCE



 The Cokin P Adaptor Ring allows you to install your Cokin P Holder on your lens. This adapter ring is for 58mm filter threads. (Look for the filter thread diameter onthe front of your lens)

The Cokin P Adaptor Ring is a basic part of the Cokin system andallows to use other accessories like Cokin P filters, holders and manymore. Cokin P system allows you to use Cokin P filters whatever thelens is regardless of its thread size (from 49mm to 86mm). The Cokin Pholder is mounted to the lens using the proper adapter with thediameter of your lens. That solution requires changing the adapter onlyinstead of changing the filters each time you want to use a diffrentlens.

Allows the mounting of the P series filter holder to lenses with a 58mm filter mounting thread on the front.