Flash Bracket 180 Degree Quick Flip rotating + Off Camera Shoe Cord For NIKON

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8343=( 4194+FC-7600 ) NIKON B
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Xit Flash Bracket 180 Degree Quick Flip rotating XTRTFB


Xit Off Camera Shoe Cord XTSCN

Included A Velcro Neat Straps

Made By Xit Group


Product Description

Great photo opportunities are everywhere, but acceptable shooting locations are usually pretty rare, particularly outdoors. Thankfully, xit has created a compact, innovative tripod that can be placed almost anywhere, making it the perfect accessory for the photographer on the go. The Gripster is ideal for supporting Point-and-Shoot compact Digital cameras. Featuring sturdy, prehensile legs, the Gripster helps you get a steady shot in virtually any environment. Its compact size means it can go anywhere and everywhere, and the quick-release plate makes set-up a snap. And unlike traditional tripods, the Gripster doesn't require an elevated flat surface fobr you to take the perfect picture. It grabs tightly on to branches, poles, railings and other similar objects, and conforms to all sorts of uneven surfaces for superior support. Whether you're shooting a memorable family portrait or simply looking to keep your camera rock steady for high-quality photos, the Gripster is the perfect companion for your next great adventure!

  • The Gripster's lock ring enables extra security to ensure your camera is safely attached
  • Rubberized ring & foot grips provide extra gripping power to grapple wherever you want to go
  • Slim-line attachment stays connected to your camera and snaps into the Gripster for a nearly instant setup
  • Intended for - Compact digital cameras
  • Quick Relase Plate for fast and easy camera mounting and dismounting.


Xit Off Camera Shoe Cord XTSCN Features

  • Helps to achieve off-camera flash photography results without the harsh shadows behind your objects common when using direct flash exposures

  • Effectively eliminates harsh shadows.

  • Allows you to position your flash for custom lighting setups.

  • Supports TTL flash exposure control when using your flash off camera.

  • Heavy-duty coiled cable extends to 7 feet.

  • Features a built-in tripod socket at the other end where the Speedlite unit is attached to which permits to be locked onto a tripod & frees your hand from holding the off-camera flash.

  • This Off-Camera Shoe Cord maintains all on-camera flash functions (including E-TTL II) for one Canon-compatible shoe-mount flash unit used off-camera at distances up to 7 feet. It is compatible with all Canon EOS or G series cameras, digital or film - except for the flash connection shoe, as well as 1/4 - 20 socket.

Package Contents

1 Flash Bracket Xit XTRTFB

1 Velcro Neat Straps

1 bracket shoe mount

1 Xit Off Camera Shoe Cord For NIKON