JJC 55mm Silicon Lens Hood 3 Collapsable 3 Positions LS-55ST

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    !!! BRAND NEW !!!   

Collapsible Silicon Lens Hood

For All Fixed And Zoom Standard And Telephoto Lens

Screw-In Folding

SIZE 55mm

Model #

Color : Black


The geometry of the lens hood can vary from a plain cylindrical or conical section (much like a lamp shade) to a more complex shape, sometimes called These more complex shapes take into account the final image's shape and  This allows the lens hood to block stray light with the higher portions of the lens hood, while allowing more light into the corners of the image through the lowered portions of the hood, thereby reducing the amount of in the final image

Rubber shades prevent light from entering the extreme angles giving sharper,clearer pictures with better color


-Collapsible Silicon Lens Hood

-Size 55mm

-For Use With Standard Or Telephoto Lens

-For Use With All Fixed And Zoom Standard And Telephoto Lens

-Double Threaded

-Inside Front Thread Allows For Filters Or Accessories To Be Attached

-Can Be Folded Right Back Over The Lens For Storage