MicroFiber Cleaning Cloth (Yellow) XTFC ( 3 Pieces Of 8501 )

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8516 ( 3 Pieces Of 8501 ))

Xit Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth

Package Included 3 Micro-Fiber

Color: Yellow

Made By Xit Group

The Fastest, Most Efficient Way To clean LCD monitors, Lenses, Filters and All High-Tech Optics. Eliminate Dust Finger Prints & Dirt From Your LCD Screen Leaving You With A Cleaner Brighter Picture

USE: Blow off dust, and if necessary, lightly brush the lens surface with the edge of the cloth to remove stubborn particles. Gently wipe the lens with the cloth using circular motion

CARE: Hand or machine wash separately with a small amount of detergent warm, no bleach, and no softeners. Air dry or tumble dry low heat