Project Nursery Parent + Baby Smartband - Black

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Project Nursery Parent

 + Baby SmartBand

Product Description

  • The Project Nursery Parent + Baby SmartBand is a first-of-its-kind wearable device created specifically for parents and powered by world-class technology.

  • From scheduling and tracking events for mom and baby to streamlining digital communications, the SmartBand offers thoughtful features and capabilities to simplify daily family life and keep Baby and Mom healthy through infancy and beyond.


  • Water resistant, touchscreen Smartband with up to 30-day battery life

  • Pregnancy Journal: Allows you to track fetal movements, supplements, exercise progress and doctor's appointments

  • Track Baby: Allows you to set schedules for diaper changes, nap times and feedings; monitor Baby's weight; set doctor's appointment reminders

  • Parent Reminders: Keep up with pumping and sleep schedule

  • Fitness: Shows steps, calories, distance and time of day; tracks your weight, exercise, and hydration

  • App control on iOS and Android to sync wirelessly to your smartphone

  • Syncs wirelessly to your phone and sends smartwatch alerts


Included in Box

Tracking Module, Black Band, Micro USB Cable, Quick Start Guide and a Keepsake Box

 Product Specs 

Module: 2.75" w / .31" h / .63" d / .04 lb Band: 10" long