Seven Star Plug ZC36-7C ITALIAN Plug For STRAIGHT 3-PIN ITALY PLUG (Black)

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IT - ITALY Travel Plug Adapter

Straight Three-Pin for IT ITALY ITALIAN plug Outlet.

Convert all countries's AC plug to ITALY style.

Travel Power Plug Adapter for ITALY use Only,

For all types of power plug to Most of Countries

CE Certified 






  • Enable electrical devices from any countries to be used in power socket

  • Fits the plugs in USA, Canada, UK, Europe, Spain, Australia, Japan, Thailand, China and almost every country in the world that I know of.

  • Small and compact design for easy storage and carry, wonderful adapter for travel.

  • Easy to use, simply plug the adapter into a wall socket and plug the power plug of your electrical device into the universal female socket of the adapter 

  • Quantity: 1

  • Max Output : 250V AC 16A. Works for 100V to 250V. 

  • Connector: Straight Three-Pin for ITALIAN - ITALY plug Outlet.

  • Color : Black

  • It has been specially tested for CE,CC, FCC certification.

  • Converts the plug of your dual voltage (110/220/240V) appliances to fit into Italy- Italian wall socket

  • The smallest and easiest to use universal AC adapter I have ever seen. 

  • Immediately check your appliance manufacturer’s label first, you might need a voltage converter