Seven Star Transformer 200W Step D 220/110 F-200W 01 + Australian Plug Adapter

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8605= (READY TR 1341 + PLUG 2452 )
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200 Watt International Voltage Converter + Australian Travel Plug Adapter

Convert All Countries AC Plug To Australian Style

200 Watt Step Down Transformer 220 To 110V


  • -Step down transformer

  • -Input 220V AC

  • -Output 110V AC

  • -50/60 Hz

  • -Max 200 watt

  • Enable electrical devices from any countries to be used in power socket

  • Small and compact design for easy storage and carry, wonderful adapter for travel.

  • Easy to use, simply plug the adapter into a wall socket and plug the power plug of your electrical device into the universal female socket of the adapter 

  • Quantity: 1

  • Max Output : 250V AC 16A. Works for 100V to 250V. 

  • Connector: Straight Two-Pin for Australian - Australian plug Outlet.

  • Color : Black

  • It has been specially tested for CE,CC, FCC certification.

  • Converts the plug of your dual voltage (110/220/240V) appliances to fit into Australian wall socket

  • The smallest and easiest to use universal AC adapter I have ever seen. 

  • Immediately check your appliance manufacturer’s label first, you might need a voltage converter