Seven Star Wall Tap Surge Protector Adapter 3 Electrical Outlet with 2 USB Charging Ports

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Wall Tap Surge Protector Adapter

6 Electrical Outlet

with 2 USB Charging Ports

Charge all your essential devices with the Seven Star Surge Protected USB Wall Outlet Surge Protector. A convenient accessory for any home, office, professional workstation, or entertainment center, this surge protector lets you safely power and charge up to 6 x AC and 2 x USB without worrying of electrical damage.

Key Features

  • Multi-Functional USB Wall Outlet: 2 high-speed USB ports and 6 AC outlets to save space and USB adapters

  • 2 x Smart USB Charging Ports: Fast and efficient charging for 2 devices simultaneously; works with almost all devices requiring 5V USB charger, 2.4 A max output each, total 3.1A

  • Surge Protection: 300 joule surge protection rating and EMI/RFI noise filtering provides superior protection for your sensitive home/office devices

  • Compact Design: fire-resistant poly-carbonate material and high quality components; power indicator light.

  • 6 AC outlets allow you to power up to 6 electrical devices, perfect for desktop computers and accessories, phone/fax/modem, kitchen appliances, standard household electronics.


  • USB Watts/Amps: 15Watts/3.1Amps combined (Max 12W/2.4A per USB port)

  • Protection Rating (Joules): 300

  • Line Voltage: 125VAC

  •  Maximum Line Current :15Amps/1875Watts