VHS Video Head Cleaning Kit Wet for panasonic +3 MICROFIBER

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PN-1022 Ready 9568 & 4697

VHS Video

Wet Head

Cleaning Kit


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About VHS Video Head Cleaning Kit

  • The VHS Video Head Cleaning Kit cleans all VHS video players and recorders.

  • The non-abrasive, dry cleaning system quickly and easily cleans VHS video players and recorders. 

  • Safely removes dust, dirt, and other build-up to optimize VHS video playback 

  • Easy cleaning process just insert into VHS device, press play, rewind when cassette stops and eject

  • VHS Format

  • Head Cleaner

Micro-Fiber Cleaning Cloth :

  • The Fastest, Most Efficient Way To clean LCD monitors, Lenses, Filters and All High-Tech Optics. Eliminate Dust Finger Prints & Dirt From Your LCD Screen Leaving You With A Cleaner Brighter Picture