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Body Caps & Mounts

Body caps and mounts are essential accessories for photographers and videographers. **Caps And Mounts** are used to protect the camera body and lens when not in use, preventing dust, dirt, and moisture from entering the sensitive equipment. These caps also help to secure the camera lens in place when attached to a tripod or other mounting equipment. Additionally, mounts are used to attach the camera to various accessories such as tripods, gimbals, or other support systems. Having the right body caps and mounts can ensure the longevity and functionality of your camera equipment, providing peace of mind and professional results.


Vivitar T2 Mount for Sony

$23.99 $13.99

Vivitar AF T-Mount FOR SONY ALPHA DSLR & MINOLTA For Sony AF and manual focus SLRs. The compatible T Mount System makes it possible to use most any single lens reflex camera in combination with various front camera attachments such as telescopes,...