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Color Correction

Color correction is the process of adjusting and enhancing the colors in an image or video to achieve a desired look. It involves changing the brightness, contrast, hue, and saturation of individual colors to create a more visually appealing final product. Color correction can be done manually using software like Adobe Photoshop or automatically using tools like Computer Color Correction. This important step is commonly used in photography, filmmaking, graphic design, and video production to ensure that colors are accurate and consistent across different devices and mediums. Proper color correction can greatly improve the overall quality and impact of visual content.


Calibrite Display Pro HL (CCDIS3HL)

$306.90 $279.00

Elevate your creative vision with the Calibrite Display Pro HL. Featuring a brand-new HL sensor powered by X-Rite technology, this device ensures accurate calibration and color profiling for LCD, mini-LED, and OLED displays, including Apple XDR panels...